The Master Magician, Charlie N. Holmberg

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“Decide where you want your life to go before you set it rolling.”

As with The Glass Magician, I didn’t even have half-a-day between finishing one book and starting the other. And I was disappointed.

From the first pages I felt less enthralled. The story was not as attractive to me. From the synopsis I had read before starting it, I hoped for me. Ceony seemed rather stupid in this book and Emery mostly absent.

I would rather understand a bad second book and a good third one. That’s usually the case when there is a trilogy. The transition tends to worsen in the middle of the series and pick up again in the ending. This series did the opposite.

That is not to say I didn’t like the ending. One of the things that is most important to me in a series is how the author will finish it. I love open endings, even though they leave me with an aching heart and I love the happy endings, even though not everyone gets one. And Charlie N. Holmberg found that perfect balance for a good one.

I just hoped for more of Ceony and Emery during the book and I found their relationship absent during all of it. The romance that made me smile and hope during The Glass Magician, was no longer there.

New characters appeared. The encounter with Pritt, the boy and now the man who hated Emery for his bullying and I guess other differences, was welcome. I absolutely loved that he was there because I wondered about his life as a magician from the moment he was mentioned in the first book, but he wasn’t developed until the last book. Bannet, another student from her past also was there to make for a richer world. But the characters were shallow and with no backstory.

The tension I felt during the first two installments were absent from this book. Ceony did things not to protect someone or in a sense of urgency, but because… Well, I don’t think I can answer that. I found her boring, annoying and not easy to relate to.

Even though that the enemy is even more evil than Grath, the antagonist from the second installment of the series, the only conflict that seemed to flow through the book was ‘Will Ceony and Emery finally be together or not?’

The book was addictive, showing excellent writing that Charlie N. Holmberg is good at, but at the same time frustrating as nothing of interest was happening and no tension was present. This was a good read for the most part of it. It gave a nice final touch to the series even if not the best one.

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