Thunderlight, Adrienne Woods

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“‘Hope doesn’t exist.’
‘It does. It comes to us in all sorts of forms. You just have to keep your eyes open to it.’”

I jumped from Firebolt to Thunderlight in less than a few hours, jumping from one book to the next one.

I am still not a huge fan of this type of 1st person type of narration. All that you must know, could think by yourselves and should imagine in your head is laid down on the page in a very detailed description. Nothing is left to your imagination but laid out in front of you on a silver platter.

It is, by far, not the only problem. The repetition looms over and creeps on the pages of this book. Elena’s feelings or same dialogs appear several times in different chapters, described in the same way, making you ask yourself if maybe you opened the book on the wrong page.

Elena’s and Lucian’s couple looks too cheesy and her relationship with his parents, that changes after they saw her, is far from believable. As well as the way Becky’s and Sammy’s parents seem to treat Elena. The characters are not developed and have no chemistry to them and it gets boring to hear them worry about the same things they did in the last book.

Elena seems to be the most lovable person of all Paegeia and the most important people are interested in her, from Blake to Lucian and Paul, the wyvern. She must be the center of it all.

The only exception to this routine seems to be Paul… This character was incredible. He changes from page to page, enveloped in mystery. Throughout the whole book, you don’t know what would you find in the end, him being good or him being bad. And A.Woods manages to surprise with this far from a happy ending in this new book.

Blake… We all know that by the end he will be good and he will be with Elena so no matter how dark, bad and wicked A.Woods is trying to make him, it is obvious that by the end of Starlight they will be together and deeply in love.

The world is richer and deeper and this installment, adding layers to the world we already know. It is one of the only things that makes these books so good and easy to read from cover to cover in one day.

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