Dawn of Dreams, Bronwyn Leroux

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“Jaden stumbled, dimly aware that although he had never heard the sound before, it was as if he had spent his entire life waiting to hear it. Fear snaked down his spine.”

I got a copy of this book from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

Dawn of Dreams is the book that hits you on the first page and takes you on an adventure until the last page is turned. Except for the fact that you need to survive entire paragraphs of needless actions and descriptions.

Yes, the opening was exciting. But when I was at around 1/3rd of the book, there was still nothing new that happened, except for an apparition of a strange monster and a medallion, which I must say was a wrapped in a tedious description itself. But it was only half of the book when the first really intriguing thing happens. There is just too much description in this book and a useless one at that.

We get to know what the protagonists do at all the times and with too much unnecessary detail, we get to see characters that appear for a chapter and we never see them again. It might be needed to construct a world, but it is tiresome if it lasts for the whole book.

The same goes for the protagonists themselves. They are deep, well-developed characters, but with too much detail given about them, their each and every thought, each and every action. And at the same time, they are too perfect. Kind, pretty and popular, with no defect to them that would make us easy to associate with them.

All in all, underneath this too detailed world, there is an outstanding plot, with a unique adventure and, of course, a unique monster. One that is scary and awful and makes for a perfect antagonist, even though it might not be the evilest creature in the series. A few hints are dropped but only the next books will tell.

This book could be shorter, by half, but, even though, it ends with a cliff-hanger with enough of intrigue to start the next one as soon as finishing the previous one.

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