A Gingerbread Romance, Lacey Baker

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“I’ve always told you that home is wherever you hang your Christmas stocking. You’ll know in your heart when you’ve found the right place, or the right person.”

I got a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A Gingerbread Romance was a perfect Christmas holiday read, a little bit in advance. But who doesn’t need a Christmas break in the middle of the hot summer? Right?

This book was light, sweet, with a heart-warming tale that was easy to read.

The protagonists were easy-to-love, they have real problems and real life. They develop throughout the book around light and adorable romance. The epilogue, in the end, adds the last smile to the whole book full of them.

There might be a little too much description in the story, but it is easy to turn the pages one after another, as the story is charming and entertaining.

The recipe of a gingerbread cake with lemon butter sauce at the end of the book is the most welcome and I will certainly be making it soon, to relive the story, for one more time.

One thing though, I already knew the story… Because I’ve seen it already. In a movie. This book told the same tale, but I must say in a more heart-warming way. Not much more was added to the story in this book, but it felt more real and more engaging in the form of a book.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, or already forgot some of the details, this should be a fun read in this merry season of the year, that is approaching.

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