Poison, Adrienne Woods

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“When it feels as if the darkness will descend, a united team will rise and defend. The power to see their destiny through, lies within the hearts of an unlikely two. Their strength, power and love as one, liberty brought by The Courageous and the Prodigal Son.”

As well as Venom, Poison is a novelette in The Dragonian series. And as well as with Venom the review will much shorter than with a traditional novel. There are just not as many things to say.

At around 1/5th of the book I was more invested in the story than with the other novelette in the series, Venom. The story was not as shallow and much more attractive, but it was still a repetitive story about Elena’s feelings, doubts, and hopes.

The book carried in it the mistakes from the previous novel Frostbite, which was grammatical mistakes and no relationship between different sentences or paragraphs. But I won’t take much time discussing it. I feel like I will do it anyways in the next posts.

The only plus was the half love story that appeared between Elena and Emmanuel (even though it lasted for half a page) and her struggle with Blake. Thanks to this novelette, the transition between Frostbite and Moonbreeze is easier, but it was not a necessary addition to the series.

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