Moonbreeze, Adrienne Woods

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“The brave aren’t called the brave because they weren’t scared, Elena, neither the courageous, nor the heroes. All of those people written in history have one thing in common: fear, and plenty of it, but that is when true courage shows itself.”

Here I am, the 6th book I read in The Dragonian series, counting the novelettes, and the 4th one of the main series. I must tell, the characters evolution and the well-built world the story happens in hooked me from the first book.

After a bit of a disappointment with Frostbite, I wasn’t sure if to keep reading was worth it. I even took a pause when I was around 25% and read the novelettes.

When I first wrote a review, I gave it a 3*, but I changed it to a 2* shortly after that.

The plot is better built in this book than in the previous three. There was suspense, hope, and intrigue. Even though it was still too predictable as to who Annie was and where did Elena disappear after that kiss with Blake.

But, there was no point to this book in the general advance of the story. There was a lot of drama, self-loathing by Elena and even more drama. But it didn’t add anything interesting to the development of the series.

There is, also, the rape thing that happened to her. And yes, it is a YA genre, but it happens to girls of all ages and I actually like that A. Woods brought it up. I just don’t think it showed all the tragic part of it, and it didn’t add more layers to the main characters. Only a way to cover some plot-holes in the next book.

I want to take a moment here and talk about the romance in Moonbreeze. I don’t find it good. I find it shallow and too simple. The love/hate relationship Elena has with Blake, I found a bit annoying from the beginning. And now that Blake is good, with no evil trying to claim him, I understand Elena.

What I don’t understand why should we hear the main character say the same thought over and over. I get it, Elena doesn’t trust Blake, but I don’t need to be reminded of it every time Blake says something. Or what Blake himself thinks something, for A.Woods gives us the privilege to hear what Blake has to say about it. The split in the narration does allow the pause from Elena’s constant babbling but it just shifts into Blake’s babbling.

This part of the review is annoying because it will be the same thing I say from the first book in The Dragonian series. But seriously what with all the mistakes, missing words, and unrelated sentences? I just can’t repeat it anymore in every review I post, but I guess I will because the writers need to know what is the problem with their books.

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