Starlight, Adrienne Woods

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“When it feels as if the darkness will descend, a united team will rise and defend. The power to see their destiny through, lies within the hearts of an unlikely two. Their strength, power and love as one, liberty brought by The Courageous and the Prodigal Son.”

Yes!!! I finally have finished this series. It was getting too long and too tiresome. So this is as much a review of this book, as of the whole series in general.

Most books of the series got a 3* rating because of the rich world created by A.Woods, with dragons and their riders, in a hidden country that is more advanced than the rest of the world, as dragons can create more advanced technology (weirdly, all the scientists Elena has met are just normal humans… not dragons). They did not get that rating because of the rich storyline or developed characters.

But this book was too long without a real reason for it. It turned around Elena, who created too much drama in her life. There was no action, no real adventure that we were prepared for, for the last four novels and two novelettes.

Etan is finally going to be freed in this last installment and the prophecy is going to be fulfilled, something we hoped for far too long. As the reward for all the waiting and four books of constant drama between Elena and her boyfriends, we get a 600-page book with only the last 100 pages of real action. And on top of that, while the final battle happens between dragons with their riders and wyverns with the magic wielders (who are just pure evil, because why not), A.Woods only shows us Elena in the castle with a confusing narrative of the events and no view on the epic battle happening outside. Enormous dragons fighting with devious wyverns outside. Legendary war, exquisite story… Talk about missed opportunities.

There ARE good things about this book. Paul is back and Blake is no longer dark. It certainly brings closure to many opened subjects in the last books. And there is a happy ending, not for everyone as there are characters who died useless deaths, but it is an ending.

But in general all the drama is too shallow, Elena is too superficial for all the series. The constant push and pull between Elena and Blake gets too old really fast. We were teased about their relationship on the first pages of the first book and it happens in the second half of the last book and it is not as attractive that it needed four books to develop. Only because I managed to sit throughout all the other books did I master some courage to finish this one too.

As with all the other books, there was this constant repetition of phrases, grammatical errors and confusing paragraphs. The characters’ reactions were not always within the normal attitude of the constructed persona and the same passages showed over and over again.

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