The Journal of Blake, Adrienne Woods and Lea Cherry

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

The Journal of Blake Leaf is a recollection of Blake’s poems and his thoughts, one of the main characters of The Dragonian series. It is what it says in its title, a journal.

Even though it is marked as a prequel, it should be read after finishing The Dragonian series, if not it will spoil the second and the third book of the series. For those who get too tired of Elena by the end of the first book and just want to know the ending, should read this installment and then jump to the end of the fifth book.

The journal gives too much information, compared to the rest of the series in a fast-paced tempo. Even though, it does not cover much of the fourth and fifth books and doesn’t go till the end of the series which is sad. The last book might be the most interesting one. It would allow us to see the story from Blake’s point of view, his internal change and struggle.

The conflict between Blake’s consciousness and his dark side was something A.Woods showed during the series and we get glimpses of it in this journal, but there is little new insight on Blake’s character. Nothing new is added to the story.

It is confusing, but every person’s journal is. It has good poems and L.Cherry did a great job showing Blake’s character in them.

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