Playing with Monsters, Amelia Hutchins

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

“I’m here to get fucked, shake shit up a little bit. Get my powers, and take my place. I’m not naïve, I just know what I want, and that’s not children. I have no intention of having pretty babies, or a happy ever after. Love’s destructive and nothing more than a lie to make people think there’s some great force out there waiting for them. So here’s a thought: Why don’t you go home, settle down, have some pretty little heartbreaker babies, and get lost.”

This book was a good, light read, but it wasn’t great.

This wasn’t just ‘I will fuck you here, I will fuck you there, then you will get hurt and after that, I will show you how much I love you’ type of erotica. Well, except for the first part when it is ‘I will kiss you out of nowhere and then I will almost fuck you here, I will almost fuck you there and then we will finally fuck and you will get hurt’ type of erotica.

But besides all that, it had a well-thought story, even though it dragged for far too long. It was slow and sometimes confusing. Too little explanation was given about the curse that Katarina put on Lucian, about Katarina herself and Lucian’s obsession with Magdalena.

There is too much focus in the books of our age to keep it part of a series and drag the story that could fit in one book through a tedious series. But Playing with Monsters does have its own mystery and A.Hutchins manages to keep it till the end of the book.

But I have a problem with this author. This is the second book I am reading. The first one was Fighting Destiny, I abandoned it and now trying to give it another chance. A.Hutchins writes about rape as something normal, but it is not. It does happen and to too many women. But the characters that experience it in A.Hutchins’ books find it either sexy or easy to get over it. Lena wants to have sex with Lucian days after she was raped by her ex-fiance and that is not normal. Her world crumbled and she doesn’t care about it. She only wants to satisfy her hormones.

The buzzing hormones between Lena and Lucian do not allow for a real relationship to strike between them and do not get me hooked on the story or interested in the characters. Even though the characters are deep and well constructed, they do not seem superficial and shallow but with their own story.

But I think I saw almost all of it before and with the same names and everything. Doppelgangers, the past one is evil, the present one is good; love story between Lena and the bad guy… The only thing missing is for Lucian to have a good brother and then we have The Vampire Diaries all over again but with more sex in them.

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