Jimmy and The Crawler, Raymond E. Feist

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

I absolutely love Raymond E. Feist’s books. The Magician was one of the books that started an itch to write in me. The world that is created through the different sagas is exciting, attractive and full of adventure.

The Riftwar Legacy saga always stood a bit apart from the rest of the series. The three previous books were part of stories retold after the video games came out, which I must say I’ve never played. But even though, they allowed to come back to the loved characters and fill some holes that came in the latter book (only due to the fact, that I read the books in a different order than the timeline would indicate).

So when I finally had a chance, I procured a copy of Jimmy and The Crawler and started it immediately after it arrived.

Jimmy the Hand was, and still is, my favorite character from the Midkemia world. His ties in the different circles of the world, his incredibly swift and clever mind, his way of getting into trouble and getting out of it, made him the most attractive character for me in the series.

Jimmy the Hand and Arutha are the characters that I missed from The Serpentwar Saga and I wanted to have another taste of their presence in the books and The Riftwar Legacy was a good coming back to these interesting characters. Jimmy and The Crawler in itself was a good way to end the series that were opened for 13 years and needed closure.

I must say, Jimmy and The Crawler was too short for me, and for a high-fantasy world that Raymon E. Feist had created. It was only 150 pages, while other books tend to be somewhere between 400-550 pages. But as another reviewer said, I think Raymond E. Feist wanted to wrap the series, but he was no longer as interested in keeping the story long and entangled as it is used to be in the other books.

This is not a book for those who know nothing of Midkemia. Not only because this is the fourth and the last book in The Riftwar Legacy saga, but also because it is supposed that the reader will know different political tangles that have been addressed in the pages of the last sagas. This knowledge is needed to understand what is going on, why the relationship between the Kingdom and the Kesh is so difficult and why the demons are there.

But it is a book to read for those who love Midkemia and Raymond E. Feist’s writing.

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