The Midnight Sea, Kat Ross

A 5*

“I took a step back. I couldn’t help it. His daeva? I’m not sure what I expected. Horns and a forked tail, perhaps. A creature as ugly on the outside as it was on the inside. But they looked just like us.”

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

This book is a hidden gem. It is only 0.99 on amazon kindle store. But it is good, enticing and engaging. It is also not appreciated enough.

The story swipes you up and doesn’t let you down till the end. From the death of Nazafareen’s sister until meeting Alexander the Great. It is engaging and addictive. The world is well constructed and richly developed. It might help that it is based on the real-world and our myths but Kat Ross entwines it with not typical monsters (Druj that possess a body and are not so easy to kill), and lies and control by the King of kings.

Kat Ross lets you in a world and then swipes it from under your feet. By Nazafareen’s side, we discover that not every story perfect, not everything you told to believe is true, that even the person you trust the most can sentence you to death or wound you to the deepest of your soul.

I have to say that the enemy in this book was perfect. Kat Ross managed to construct a character who is not evil just for the kicks of it, but because of deep, profound grief. His reasoning is sick and twisted but not unheard of. It takes us by surprise, but it is well thought and incredibly powerful for one of the main characters to become evil and the enemy to become your friend.

The Midnight Sea is an incredible YA book. Because it is not perfect. Because it hurts. Because it engages with complicated subjects such as amputation and grief. Because it shows the unpredictable nature of humans when you don’t know who you should trust. And because it demonstrates the power of religion and following your orders without question.

The romance in this book is slow-building and almost absent but it allows us to fall in love with the characters as they are with their faults and imperfect nature.

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