Blood of the Prophet, Kat Ross

A 4*

“The seeds of self-loathing had been planted when he was very young. It is not easy to change, even when our adult minds know better.”

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

I loved The Midnight Sea and I jumped to Blood of the Prophet right after finishing it. And I was mildly disappointed. Sadly, Kat Ross had the same thing happen to her series that happens to most writers. The second book in the series loses its charm and doesn’t have the same attractiveness as the first one.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the book. The history setting entwined with mythical creatures and the link between the real characters and fantasized protagonists make the story gripping and exciting.

Kat Ross showed us in The Midnight Sea that she is not afraid of killing the characters that we came to know and love. And it happens again in Blood of the Prophet, but that what makes the story interesting and what makes the reader on the edge of the seat, wanting to know more.

We get to know the characters better, too. Their stories are deeper and Nazafareen herself gets to grow in front of our eyes, showing us what is not expected.

The story is deeper than in the first book, painting the world around us, but with a story full of twists. We don’t know what to expect in every chapter.

But… For the sake of showing more of the world, we get to see less action, less adventure and the pace of the book is slower than it was in The Midnight Sea.

Besides, we get to see other characters’ thoughts and reasons. And we come to understand why they do what they do. Except sometimes it makes the story too obvious when we see the same event happen through the eyes of different characters.

But the book keeps us attached with the romance scenes, that are not forced but shown as they should, with the struggle that Nazafareen and Darius keep having to not get engulfed in the sin.

I recommend this book for those of you who loved The Midnight Sea but beware that it won’t be the same type of story. Richer but slower. I hope the Queen of Chaos will rise to the challenge of being as good as the first book of the series was.

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