Cards on the Table, Agatha Christie

A 5*

“Oh, my dear friend, it is impossible not to give oneself away – unless one never opens one’s mouth! Speech is the deadliest of revealers.”

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

This was an interesting read. Agatha Christie builds an interesting story around a premise that is so unique but at the same time could be considered a classic one. Nine people are invited to a dinner, one of them is killed, four are suspects, four are sleuths ready to solve the murder. And it is not someone you would never suspect, you might have guessed from the beginning who the real killer is. But in any case, you will want to read the book till the last pages to get to know what Mr. Shaitana knew the crimes were of the suspects.

Everyone around the table of suspects is guilty, but who is guilty of this particular crime? This is the real question you will be asking yourself throughout the book. And the intrigue will be kept till the end.

Clues and tips are dropped throughout the pages of the book. But some will misguide you more than help you. You will suspect everyone and no one and that what makes this book a masterpiece.

I must say, I’ve never played Bridge and don’t know the rules. It might have been easier to guess the killer if I knew the rules, but it didn’t bother me too much to not know.

The detective work of the four sleuths is a bit slow and sluggish, but Cards on the Table is an interesting dive into the criminal minds and why the suspects did what they did and why they are who they are.

For all the lovers of classic Agatha Christie’s mysteries, this will be an interesting read.

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