Werewolf Nights, Mari Hamill

A 3*

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

A 3*

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

I bought this book from a fellow writer on twitter.

Who doesn’t want to get an interesting read full of werewolves and little town love story? I certainly do. And this book offered this and more.

There is no new image of werewolf, it is pretty down to the base, full-moon monster kind of werewolf. But in any case, the story is interesting and captivating. There is a little bit of intrigue that builds up from about the middle of the book. And the suspense is kept until the end, even though it is easy to guess who is who.

One of the bad points of this book is how easy it goes on the description. Each chapter you will be updated on who wears what and what the place looks like to the minimal detail. It is so much easier just to skip through all this to get to the story.

Another thing that you will not appreciate too much is the characters. On one hand, they are too perfect, or too imperfect in the case of the antagonist. They do not seem real. All the protagonists are success stories.

Well, except for Cat. But, she is annoying in her own way. I mean, I get it, we all like a guy who wouldn’t do anything freaky. But from there, to repeat “That guy needs to learn manners” on every romantic encounter Cat goes through… It made me cringe.

And also, for a character that keeps telling, after a divorce and a man who disappeared, that she needs to wait before trusting another man, I guarantee you, you will be surprised how easily she will open her heart to Charles.

It is a fun read, but you will need to skim through at least a third part of it.

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