Chronicles of Yarrowind: The Age of Change


“How did you know this would happen?” the man asked.
“I do not have time to sit idly and answer your questions.”
“The Kings authorized this procedure. They want to know what happened.”
The woman clad in white laughed, her eyes twinkling in the candlelight.
“And why do you think it matters to me what the so-called Kings do or want?”
“You promised to help,” the man answered.
“I promised my help only to one being…”
“And that person asked you to do this.”
“Fine… But you know the legends. You can guess how I knew.”
The man fumbled with the pile of parchments stacked on his desk.
“Is this a fair description of the events?” the man asked, sliding one of the parchments across the desk.
The woman took it in her hands and started to read.

The creature opened its eyes and looked around. For ages, it had enjoyed the dreamless sleep.
It wanted nothing more than to close its eyes and embrace the slumber.
But something must have happened to wake it up. It stood on all fours and shook its head.
The air was charged with energy. Dark energy. The strings of time and existence were thinning. The canvas of reality was in danger of being destroyed.
A loud roar escaped the creature’s mouth. But no answer came. Its brothers and sisters were asleep. It was the first one to feel the change coming. The only one who could do anything about it.
But it had to be sure. The creature had to visit the place it left ages ago.
The view in front of it shifted and in tiny patches. The reality regrouped itself to form a new one, from another distant world.
The Halls of Obliteration stood untouched by the ages that had passed. But the place was no longer dead.
The energy pulsed through the ground, the walls, even the air itself. It came in waves from one of the statues sitting at the end of the hall.
Measuring each step, the creature walked to the statue of an ancient God. Dark energy was coming from the seated figure. All black and cloaked, its features hidden from view, the God was starting to awaken too.
“You will not be able to change my destiny!” a scream erupted in the creature’s head.
It bowed its head and closed its eyes, a growl of anger and pain coming from its throat.
The creature shook its head and turned to walk away, but a cloud of smoke appeared in the air. Shifting, a deformed face looked the creature in the eyes.
“You were such a wonderful pet once. And you will be again! If you don’t want to die when my restraints shall fall,” it whispered through clenched teeth. “You are still afraid of death… Are you not?”
“If you get what you so desire, there will be no way of stopping my death. I know that now. Your tricks once scared me… But not anymore! Someday you will perish, and I will be there to see it happen.”
The smoke shifted, lips pursed, the face observed the creature.
“In that stupid head of yours, don’t you see any possibility of my victory?!”
No answer came from the creature’s lips. Not only one outcome led to the Dark God’s victory… Thousands of possibilities, endless options, all rushing through its head. And they all lead to the same thing. War, chaos, and destruction.
But something caught its omniscient eye. Blue eyes and gray hair. A woman stood amidst the fire.
A croak, resembling a chuckle escaped the creature’s lips.
A cry of a newborn baby came to its ears. A special being was born. A chance had been given to the creature. A tiny one but still a chance.
A cracking sound filled the hall. The creature bent its neck and twisted its body, its limbs shortening. And in a few moments, a woman clad in white stood watching in the dead eyes of the face of smoke.
“Farewell,” she said, walking past the face that still waited for an answer. “Or better not.”
A scream shook the walls and was the only answer. But the woman was already entering a portal she had opened.
She had to see the child. She had to know for sure she wasn’t making a mistake. And if she was right, she had to make some preparations.

The woman put the parchment back on the table and pursed her lips.
“So, what do you think?” the man asked, leaning forward.
“Stories… Nothing more.”
“Are you sure?”
“But so many stories are true…” the woman looked at the man with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.
“Was your premonition wrong?”
“It is never wrong…”

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