Awake at Dawn, C.C. Hunter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another review from three years ago:

“I really thought I will suffer through this book. The second part is usually less interesting, repetitive, or just trying to keep the story along. But nope, this one was none of the above and that’s what made it great.”

I must agree with what I thought this book would be. Re-reading I thought I would hate the second book. But no, the story is still interesting, the romance is still ever-present.

But… In this installment, the story seems to drag a lot more than in the first book. There is still almost no development from the main character.

Others around Kylie seem to be more real. Lucas, Derek, Miranda, and Della seem to grow more on every page that Kylie does herself.

The only development we see in Kylie is her supernatural powers, but even these have no explanation for the time being.

The romance might be the only thing that guides the story and keeps the reader interesting.

As with the first book, this book is a light read to enjoy over tea after a long day.

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