Awake at Dawn, C.C. Hunter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another review from three years ago:

“I really thought I will suffer through this book. The second part is usually less interesting, repetitive, or just trying to keep the story along. But nope, this one was none of the above and that’s what made it great.”

I must agree with what I thought this book would be. Re-reading I thought I would hate the second book. But no, the story is still interesting, the romance is still ever-present.

But… In this installment, the story seems to drag a lot more than in the first book. There is still almost no development from the main character.

Others around Kylie seem to be more real. Lucas, Derek, Miranda, and Della seem to grow more on every page that Kylie does herself.

The only development we see in Kylie is her supernatural powers, but even these have no explanation for the time being.

The romance might be the only thing that guides the story and keeps the reader interesting.

As with the first book, this book is a light read to enjoy over tea after a long day.

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Born at Midnight, C.C. Hunter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a review of mine from three years ago:

“Damn… Making a love triangle in the first book… I am more curious about how C.C. Hunter will get out of this than who the main character will choose.

Now, concerning the book… Fresh, interesting, exciting, but… Too many boys. The story seems to be turning around this all the time. I would be more interested in other supernatural beings of the book than to learn for a tenth time that Derek’s eyes had specks of gold.”

So, when I read this book now, I knew what I was coming to. A light fantasy book that is not based on discovering the supernatural, but more on the romance.

I like the way C.C. Hunter writes. Each of the chapters of the book is a cliffhanger, that will make you turn the pages. The problem is that sometimes the story between just drags on.

There is enough of the story to keep turning the pages and keep the reader interest, but at the same time, it’s too flat. The main character doesn’t evolve after 300 pages.

Having said all that, I must add that I’ve read the book in a matter of hours. It is a light read that you might enjoy when you are searching to take your mind off things.

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Group review, Romance read 3

Attraction, Penny Reid

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This starts in an interesting place, figuratively and literally.

And that’s about everything of interest there is in it. Because right after a few pages, we are in the middle of the story with no introduction whatsoever.

And yeah, the book ends in a cliffhanger for no reason, because let’s be clear this is just slicing a book in seven parts to get more copies sold.

It would be better to make it one, longer book, for a higher price, than just 160 pages that might interest you, but with no actual story, conflict, or the resolution of said conflict.

My Possessive Bodyguard, Jamilexis Gallardo

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Sloppy, childish, predictable, boring.

This pretty much resumes it.

Beauty and the Professor, Skye Warren

Rating: 1 out of 5.

This book had no interest whatsoever. More than half of this book is just sex scenes, and not even attractive enough. So yeah, I skimmed through half of them, and most of you will.

The characters are plain and even feel stupid, the premise is as old as any fairytale, but the author doesn’t manage to make it exciting.

For anyone who is interested in this, I discourage you from reading it.

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The Summoning, S.V. Filice

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love fantasy. I love YA stories. And I love light-romance. So, I absolutely loved this book.
From the first pages, I was drawn to the characters and their lives.

There were a few confusing moments in the book when all the explanations of the good/evil, light/dark are given for the first time, but that is normal when the author creates a world and a new extraordinary one at that.

I was surprised to see where the story led when the antagonist made the appearance and the main battle of the book came to pass, it was a wonderful resolution for the book.

I’m eager to see on what journey S.V.Filice will lead her characters, and I hope to be able to read the second book!

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Group review, Romance read 2

Dirty Little Secret, Kendall Ryan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In my opinion, this book is a good example of romance/erotica fiction. It has its story arc, and the characters are well developed, do unexpected things that are still in accordance with their behavior.

It might be among the very few romance books that I actually enjoyed. And I recommend to everyone who is searching for a steamy, light, exciting read.

The Deal, Elle Kennedy

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I managed to finish this book on the second try. Because after reading the first few pages, I wanted to forget I ever started it.

The repetition of the same things happening, but from a different perspective, in the sake of getting all the points of view done is annoying and boring.

The romance is good-ish, but I will never understand why sexist and misogynistic remarks are supposed to be sexy and hot.

So, if you are just hoping for a book with a few steamy scenes and a lot of romance that is based on the fact that the girl thinks she is broken and in need of a fix, this a book for you.

Decidedly Off Limits, Stina Lindenblatt

Rating: 2 out of 5.

As per tradition with the romance books I lately read, I can’t get past 10% of the book, then I say to myself that it isn’t fair to the author and I keep reading it, trying to find something of interest in it.

Well, there was nothing in this one. The story is dull and boring, the characters are annoying and plain.

And I understand that this is a romance book, but not all humans on this Earth think about sex all day long. And if the characters in the book I’m reading are this way, it makes the story even more childish and boring.

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A chapter of the upcoming book

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been working on a completely new project for the past month, but I haven’t forgotten about the already existing one. For now, I don’t want to share any information on what I’m working on besides the upcoming book, but I am really excited about it!

Read the rest here:

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