Getting to Know Iren Adams

Hello, world.

My name is Iren Adams and I wanted to use this post to welcome you to my blog.

I am an enthusiast reader and an amateur writer.

I started this blog to put the rating of the books I read somewhere where I can easily access them and remember what I thought of one book or the other.

I am sure that some, even if not most of you will disagree with my rating and my comments, but I welcome all of you to give a piece of your mind in the comments and we can discuss the differences in our perception.

As said before, besides reading (a lot), I write. Sometimes some short stories, but most of the time I am working, or trying to, on the big project that I would love to bring into this world by the end of this year.

The book is half-way there in the first draft and I would love to share pieces of it here to hear your opinions before it ever gets out.

I haven’t had any time left, but I hope some short stories appear here. Hopefully once a month or maybe more often.

With this, I say lots of love to you all and happy reading.

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